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If you came here looking for Mind Matters Therapies – don’t worry – you’re in the right place, but things are a bit different now!

After 6 years of running Mind Matters, alongside several other businesses, it became clear that it was time to amalgamate and combine them. I was spinning too many plates, it all felt disjointed and I felt like everything was too separate. I’m a qualified mental health therapist, and that was my first business. Since then I’ve grown so much. While still having regular and consistent clients I also began helping businesses build, and grow. I became quite the tech expert and soon found myself bang in the middle ground. Therapy, coaching, business advice – the lines were often blurred and I was, and am, absolutely ok with that!!  We don’t live in boxes – you can’t just decide that one thing is therapy and another separate thing is coaching. I’m sick of the labels and the stigmas.

Basically – if you know something is missing, or you want to improve your life, lose the anxiety or get out of depression, I’m your woman!!

I’m guessing you’ve found me because you are at a point where you feel that there needs to be some changes in your life?  From experience, I can reassure you that despite how you feel right now, you are already part way towards making those changes happen.  We all have active minds that can’t detach from the things that whizz around and cause us to wish things could be better.  The great news is that although you might not feel it right now, you have it within you to reach your goals.  You have it within you to achieve a confident, happy and positive state of mind regardless of what might be holding you back right now.  And for the record, it’s ok to ask for a leg up every once in a while.  None of us are robots!
Therapy takes many different forms and there are many different varieties.  I take an integrated psychotherapeutic approach and therefore I am free to pick and choose between the therapeutic tools that will really help you as an individual.  Some of these tools will include Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery and Visualisation.  I definitely don’t subscribe to a set ‘model’ of therapy and all of our sessions are practical and tailored specifically to your needs as we go along. This all sounds rather deep but when we set this against the context of a real-life situation that you may find yourself in, it’s easier to see how all of these things might be affected through your own thought processes.

I frequently see clients who have already experienced some NHS offered therapy. For many, this has been helpful and for others, they’d disagree. In general, the NHS tends to offer CBT therapy, which in my experience works wonderfully for some issues, and not so well for others. Whatever your opinion of NHS therapy, I can confidently say that our sessions are a very different experience.

All that you really need to know is that during our sessions you will be able to speak freely, without fear of being judged and you will be respectfully listened to at all times. All of our sessions are completely confidential* and I will be asking relevant questions and clarifying information in order to provide you with the most appropriate therapy to help you to move forward.

*Every session between you, the client, and me, the therapist is completely confidential unless I believe there is a serious risk of harm to yourself or others. We will discuss confidentiality at our initial session and the sessions will only go ahead if you are comfortable with this.

If you’re considering therapy – just get in touch. I’d want you to chat to me first and make sure you click with me. It’s super important that you trust me and feel that I get you. Your initial session is £120 – after that sessions are £160 an hour, a 4 session package is £560 (save 16%) or an 8 session package for £960 (save 25%).

You’re very welcome to come to me in the Chesterfield area, or we can do it via video call.

To see how we can work together drop me a line below.